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DCA Digital Digest: Africa’s digital boom is just getting started

1. Africa’s digital boom is just getting started

Africa is digitizing rapidly – but this trend has been hidden from the view of many global investors and executives. For example, Africa already has 122 million active users of mobile financial services, more than half the global total, and smartphone connections and mobile data traffic are increasing rapidly.

2. Barriers to Mobile Money Adoption in Emerging Markets Identified

When it comes to driving mobile money adoption, start-ups from emerging markets face a range of different challenges depending on the context and sector that they operate in. They listed some of the barriers to include: Educational and digital literacy barrier; Product design barrier and Affordability barrier.




3. Africa is leaving itself dangerously exposed to cyber attacks

In their rush to embrace the digital future, African entities are leaving themselves dangerously exposed to cyber attacks. They should join forces to counter the threat





4. Africa’s future is innovation rather than industrialization

Africa has definitely grasped the promise of the 4IR. More than 400 tech hubs have sprung up across the continent, with Lagos, Nairobi and Cape Town emerging as internationally recognized technology centers. These cities now host thousands of startups, along with the incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, maker spaces, technology parks and co-working spaces that support them.

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