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DCA Digital Digest: Smart cities, IoT and low orbit satellites will revolutionize Africa’s business environment over the next 10 years (Gartner)

1. Smart cities, IoT and low orbit satellites will revolutionize Africa’s business environment over the next 10 years (Gartner)

Smart city frameworks, IOT and low earth orbit satellite systems – the technologies Gartner says will have a transformational impact on businesses in Africa within the next ten years, and also drive spending. This is extrapolated in Gartner’s 2019 ICT Hype Cycle, released today by the company, which identifies 24 key technologies and describes how they will impact business performance in Africa during the next ten years.

2. To Augment Tech’s Transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa, Impact Investors Should Focus on the Startup Ecosystem

Innovative startups in Sub-Saharan Africa are transforming the region with technological advances that have increased people’s access to education, healthcare, and financial resources, generating millions of jobs in the process. Entrepreneurs have been helped along through initiatives



3. Mobile economy holds out bright promise for Africa but hurdles abound

Sub-Saharan Africa seems to be ticking all the right boxes in the adoption of mobile technology. This is at least according to the GSMA conference held in Kigali, Rwanda, which heard that the region will continue to record the fastest growth in subscription rates, with Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia in the driving seat behind these trends.


4. The Fourth Industrial Revolution could mean the end of traditional manufacturing in Africa

African policymakers must therefore strike a balance between managing the impact of new technologies in order to benefit as much as possible from traditional manufacturing-based development models, and embracing the new opportunities that stem from technological advances. Identifying the right mix of policies for each country will be critical, particularly in view of Africa’s economic, political, and demographic diversity.

5. We need the entire ecosystem to work, not just a single technology warns Bekele on tech adaption at the 2019 EurAfrican Forum

During the EU-AF Economic Integration and Digital Infrastructure forum, Sophia Bekele said that, “…even when we expand to the rural areas, we need the entire ecosystem to work! not just pieces of the new technologies, like when we were trying to implement the internet kiosk concept in the past. Most projects were actually failing due to this integration mistake.”

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