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DCA Digital Digest: Big data rising technologies in 2021

Data management has become something very crucial recently where most companies are indulging in the tech-driven era day by day. The emergence of AI has generated an essential sub-field known as Big Data. Big Data technologies are divided into four fields for efficient utilization data storage, data mining, data visualization, and data analytics. READ HERE »

2. Whatsapp multi-device feature has been confirmed

The long-rumored multi-device feature on the WhatsApp application has been confirmed. The feature will be in the beta stage in the coming months. The application users will have access to their accounts from up to four linked devices. This is after the new “view once” and “disappearing mode” features were also officially announced. READ MORE »



3. Microsoft pulls the plug on Internet Explorer

Microsoft will finally retire from Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. The web browser is said to be replaced with certain versions of Windows 10. READ MORE »






4. eFuels Project: A Smart System to help manage trucks at oil depots.

Technology has indeed revolutionized most companies. The oil industry in Kenya has not been left out. Now oil transporters will have to book in advance their trucks for entry and loading at oil installations as the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) starts rolling out the eFuels Project under the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) this month. READ MORE »

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