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DCA Digital Digest: Why investing in cybersecurity is important.

While technology advances and its applications become widespread, the need for investing in cybersecurity increases. Cybercrime groups are increasing in number, and they are targeting businesses of all sizes across various industries. READ HERE »

2. An African tech hub to fill Covid 19 vaccine gap.

Across Africa, there has been a lot of speculation concerning the Covid 19 Vaccine shortage. Well, Africa could start using locally manufactured COVID-19 vaccines next year after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced plans for the first mRNA technology transfer hub in South Africa. READ MORE »




3. Digital infrastructure for Africa trade corridors.

Africa is home to the slowest and costliest ports in the world. Reports say that sometimes it is logistically cheaper and faster for African businesses to trade goods with distant overseas partners than via Africa’s intracontinental trade corridors. That’s a big problem and Jetstream, a Ghanaian-based company proposing to change that just closed a $3 million seed round. READ MORE »



4. What you need to know about Africa tech startups.

In order to unleash innovation that drives job creation, economic opportunities, and expansive access to finance, education, and health care throughout Africa, there is need for corporate partnerships and government reform to generate strategic alliances with local startups. READ MORE »

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