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DCA Digital Digest: Covid-19 could accelerate Africa’s digital transformation

1. Covid-19 could accelerate Africa’s digital transformation

Analysis of eight African markets by Cenfri found a 14% increase in online shopping, a 10% rise in usage of logistics platforms, and a 17% fall in e-hailing in the first month of the crisis. “The Covid environment has really forced many SMEs and also microentrepreneurs in Africa to rapidly digitise,” READ ON>>





2. There’s never been a better time to hire women in tech

The rise of remote and flexible working and a looming recession mean tech companies have fewer excuses not to hire women — and more incentives to do so. Women make up a greater proportion of computer science graduates in China, Russia, Tunisia and India than they do in many western European countries: the rise of permanent remote working means you now have the option to look much further afield. READ ON>>



3. Securing Your Ecommerce Store During COVID-19

Currently, privacy and security are at the epicenter of electronic technologies, especially ecommerce. Online shopping platforms require high-security components coupled with a reliable infrastructure and robust framework. Without a proactive prevention plan, an ecommerce store is bound to lose customer data and revenue as transactions soar during COVID-19. READ ON>>




4. Business Trends That Will Emerge Out Of COVID-19

There will be a significant change noticed in the trends and practices in business management in 2020 and the years to come because of the COVID-19 Crisis. These trends will impact growth to a great extent and therefore you will need to know the drivers to ensure that your business moves in the right direction. READ ON>>

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