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DCA Digital Digest: How 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will spearhead the future of remote work

1. How 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will spearhead the future of remote work

Remote work is the new reality. With some states still seeing an uptick in coronavirus cases, employees are realizing they may be working from home longer than they expected. This means that meetings held via video conference and conferences hosted as webinars may be commonplace for a while. IT teams are looking for ways to bolster connectivity, with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 top of mind. READ ON>>



2. The lack of women in cybersecurity puts us all at greater risk

Increasing women’s participation in cybersecurity is a business issue as well as a gender issue. According to an Ernst & Young report, by 2028 women will control 75% of discretionary consumer spending worldwide. Security considerations like encryption, fraud detection and biometrics are becoming important in consumers’ buying decisions. Product designs require a trade-off between cybersecurity and usability. Female cybersecurity professionals can make better-informed decisions about such trade-offs for products that are targeted at female customers. READ ON>>

3. DCA WebForum: The Impact of COVID-19 on SME Financing in Africa

We are pleased to invite you to a full video and audio recording of our exclusive and insightful Executive Roundtable conversation, with Top Industry and Business Leaders and Representatives of SMEs operating in African countries – on the lessons and reflections, as businesses and individuals globally seek solutions for the COVID 19 crisis to innovative ways to achieve their goals. This is the 3rd Crisis Management Conversation Series of the DCA WebForum titled “The Impact of COVID-19 on SME Financing in Africa”. READ ON>>

4. Mobile money is booming in Africa as countries shun cash amid the pandemic

Africa’s burgeoning mobile banking industry has gained fresh momentum with governments boosting payments through phones, a measure aimed at curbing the coronavirus by reducing the physical exchange of cash. READ ON>>

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