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DCA Digital Digest: How to navigate the ambiguity of Digital Transformation.

A successful digital transformation can be hard to predict or plan; it is often the result of new customer interactions, new combinations of talent and teams, unexpected alliances with new partners, and entirely new business models. These components are constantly evolving, shaped, and influenced by algorithmic systems, aggregated in such a way that their collective behavior is more than the sum of their parts. More is different. Just as water becomes ice when cold enough, or graphite turns into diamond under enough pressure, at a critical point, more data and algorithms can transform an organization into something else differently. READ HERE »

2. What you need to know about Health Data Governance.

Over the last several decades, the collection and use of health data have grown in complexity and have become increasingly indivisible from the operation of health systems and the provision of health services.

With this increase in data use, the need for robust and equitable governance of health data has also increased. More countries and regions around the world are instituting health data governance policies and legislation—but there is not yet a comprehensive, globally unifying set of principles to inform such governance, especially one that focuses on equity. READ MORE »

3. YouTube Announced new Terms of Service Feature.

On January 5, 2022, YouTube will be updating new Terms of Service (“Terms”) to help clarify and make it easier to understand what to expect as you use the service. These changes won’t affect the way you use YouTube. READ MORE »






4. Tech Gift ideas for your Holiday Shopping List 

Thanksgiving has passed and I’m sure we all had wonderful conversations with our relatives on safe topics like politics and religion and are feeling pretty good about not seeing some of those folks for at least another year. But, good news, our list of folks to buy gifts for likely got significantly shorter!

It is my tradition to write a piece on tech gift ideas every year, though I wonder how many of you have completed your shopping given the logistics problems that the market is experiencing. READ MORE »


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