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DCA Digital Digest: International Science Day for peace and development was declared by (UNESCO) in 2001

It highlights the role played by science in the society and the need to involve the public in debates on emerging scientific issues and the importance of science in our daily lives.


2. Stripe Acquires Paystack to accelerate online commerce across Africa

Payment processing giant Stripe has acquired Nigerian startup Paystack in a $200M+ deal.

Stripe seeks to expand into the African Market in its bigger strategy announced earlier this year to expand its API- based payment processing services to more regions.





3. No Ads, No Subscriptions: How Does WhatsApp Make it’s Money?

Have you ever been sitting by yourself and thought, “Hmm.. how does WhatsApp make money?” If you haven’t, then take into account that you are not paying to download it, not paying for a subscription, there are no ads and there’s no WhatsApp premium.




4. Google Searches Can Help Predict Covid-19 Hot Spots

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have have found a link between Google searches and Covid-19 cases that could help experts predict and respond to Covid-19 outbreaks sooner — this link was evident up to 16 days before the first cases were reported, which could give officials an edge when allocating resources to areas in need.




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