Generation.africa hailed “Yes2dotAfrica” at DCA’s Headquarters in Mauritius

DCA’s Yes2dotAfrica Campaign continued and spent a week in Mauritius campaigning for the dotAfrica TLD,after a stop over in Nairobi, its East African base.

The benefits to Mauritians including stakeholders government, private sector and various universities was explained.

Bekele who was present with other DCA members who ]spoke on the benefits of the .africa name, internet governance, and the use of social media at the University of Mauritius and the Mauritius Technology Institute. DCA advisors encouraged university students to be part of generation.africa and get involved in the projects, as volunteers and also be part of the .africa social media networks. “It is a way of being involved and giving your voices of internet, technology and ICT using the .africa channels and being heard by many that are part of our Network“, said Ryan, a DCA advisor.

Mauritius has a powerful program to promote the ICT sector which already accounts for a significant portion of the GDP. Innovation was evident at a workshop at which teams of students presented “product ideas” to the business community for possible investment.

Bekele noted that “.africa and its yes2dotafrica campaign can be a useful tool for promoting the benefits of ICT and encouraging a dialogue between groups across the African continent”
The concept of .Africa was warmly received by all of the students and by “show of hands” endorsed as a great idea.

More on Full Press Release http://prlog.org/11335283

More http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs053/1102516344150/archive/1105302100111.html

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