KASS International Media broadcasts “Yes2dotAfrica” campaign. “Pregnant with .africa”, said Sophia

In a Q & A with June Chepkemei, a seasoned Business Journalist at the studios of KASS FM Radio in Hurlingham Nairobi Kenya, Sophia discusses the immediate need to utilize the international undersea fiber optic cables, and what governments have to input to boost the great stride already taken by the private sector in driving ICT.

She responded on the potential of ICT in bridging the poverty margin giving the example of the mobile power transfer powered by internet, the great advantage that African continent would derive if they adopted the .africa domain which is the main project of DotConnectAfrica that borders on unity, identity and more so, as a brand.

About Africa’s rating globally ICTwise, Sophia reiterated that Africa was fast gaining much pace catching on the latest technology which was a good indicator of development;that ICT is border-less, and internet would help ease and drive democracy to a new level giving an example of the current happenings of the northern regions of Africa.

ICT will also bridge the language gap by having online availability of all native languages, globalized by internet as well as having internationalized domain names (IDNs) which allow languages to be accessed the same and so further makes the globe smaller. “KASS radio for eg. is doing the same here in Kenya, broadcasting in one of the largest local languages”, said Sophia “to reach its constituencies”.

When Kass asked, what else is for Sophia, “currently I am pregnant with .africa and until that baby is born, I cannot do much of other things”, said Sophia.

Sophia concluded asking for support to the listeners to say “yes” to the dotafrica campaign.

Link to the Radio Broadcast: http://dotafrica.podomatic.com/

Expected delivery schedule http://www.dotconnectafrica.com/key-internet-plays/gtld/

Read More on Full Press Release http://prlog.org/11329153

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