Say “No” to Nii Quaynor, Vice Chair of African Union “.africa” Taskforce

Exposing the Activities of the ‘Real’ Dr. Nii Quaynor – Vice Chair of AU Taskforce and His Unwholesome Activities regarding DotAfrica


The DotConnectAfrica Organization (‘DCA’) has reached the unshakable conclusion that Dr. Nii Quaynor has proved to be an unwholesome and a largely negative influence regarding the DotAfrica initiative. He must now dissociate himself completely from anything to do with DotAfrica – either proffering advice or consulting any organization or affiliating himself to any prospective bidder – whether eligible, real, or imaginary.

For the umpteenth time, the DCA, at the risk of overstressing a point already made previously at different times, has exposed the ‘double-game’ and conflicting interests of Dr. Nii Quaynor which has created many different wrong perceptions and confusion about the DotAfrica initiative. His involvement so far leaves a certain forensic pattern that is easily discernible. How?

1.   Nii Quaynor was behind AfriNIC and this AfriNIC was assisting AfTLD until few months ago, financially , technically, and logistically.. The same individual, an Executive Advisor to the AfTLD, had attempted to get his allies elected to the Board Seat of ICANN and failed woefully; while a member of the AU Task Force on DotAfrica.   Reference links:

a) Vote “No” to Candidate Pierre Dandjinou for ICANN Board

b) AfTLD site exhibiting Nii as past Executive Advisor

2.  Nii has already registered as an Internet domain, and is a known contender for  DotAfrica.   These cross-cutting affiliations and the openly vaunted influence-peddling, abuse of privilege and conflicting interests seem not apparent to this individual.

Exposé No. I:

“The real Nii Quaynor proposed and attempted to use this as vehicle to achieve his goal. When this proved to be unworkable due to lack of traction and broad support, he abandoned it.

Next, Dr. Nii Quaynor tried to pitch DotAfrica as a ‘project’ to the African Council of Ministers but no one bought his inchoate ideas, because in truth ‘DotAfrica’ is not a project per se.  DotAfrica is simply a name string of a global top level internet domain that has to be applied for and obtained from ICANN, the top Global Internet Governance Authority, and not something to be presented to African Ministers as a project that requires funding and consulting contracts to be garnered by the well-connected, etc. For example, Nii Quaynor’s shameless influence-peddling agenda of using the Ghanaian ICT Minister to attempt a ‘pernicious influence’ on ICANN via an unsolicited letter was recently exposed by DCA as a pattern of systematic abuse of office to propagate a Ghanaian-sponsored agenda”.

3. It appears that Nii has also used his governmental connections to have the Ghanaian Minister of ICT to write an unsolicited letter to ICANN to express views to harm DCA, and made Ghana look like the ICT Spokesperson for the African Union. Rejoinder dotAfrica debate


4. Nii with the help of his cabal have been ‘fighting tooth and nail’ to introduce the AfTLD as a new entrant in this matter, having failed in his quest to use the AfriNIC and DotAfrica org all affiliates of his, to gain an unfair advantage.


Exposé No. II:

“The real Dr. Nii Quaynor therefore settled on the selfish use of AfTLD (African Top Level Domains) organization to pursue his DotAfrica agenda, but when the conflicting interests were revealed, he has again modified his strategy by attempting to make DotAfrica AU-led in order to facilitate an illegal AU-endorsement for AfTLD by trickery.  He has even gone to the mischievous extent of using the UNECA to support this Machiavellian plan, by including AfriNIC in a CODIST II report, even though CODIST and DotAfrica are very much unrelated. Again, deliberately mentioning AfriNIC over Internet Domain matters, whilst openly pursuing an agenda to benefit AfTLD regarding the DotAfrica gTLD further exposes the double-dealing in these shameful shenanigans”.


5. Nii has a used his  privileged position as a member of the AU Task Force to assist the AfTLD to try to win the mandate of the DotAfrica registry from the AU.

a) AfTLD Press release seeking a mandate .africa registry from African Union

b) DCA Commentary: AfTLD seeks mandate to manage .africa


6.  Nii has adopted the DCA model that we publicly championed and has pitched it to his own benefit and the AfTLD who are not known for having any institutional competence or capacity in these matters to implement such, in addition to evidence of prior history of dependency on AfTLD on AfriNIC since few months ago.  This is the view of Internet communities in Africa who have continued to watch these evidently melodramatic events with great consternation and confusion.

a) AfriNic statement on AfTLD

b) Comment to press  reports by public

7. Nii Quaynor has now employed the help of the ICT press and is using mass media manipulation to enable him achieve his sinister goals. ComputerWorld articles below, which DCA has written rejoinders to.

a) DCA Commentary : African Union Joins The .africa Debate”

b) DCA Commentary: AfTLD seeks mandate to manage .africa

8.They want to unfairly subvert due process, assist the AfTLD and make the process of awarding the mandate of the .Africa registry a fait accompli. DCA Commentary on AfTLD’s Mandate/Endorsment after Ghana meeting

9. Nii has in public e-forum misrepresented and untruthfully claimed he registered “” domain name, accusing DCA of coping his work, which the  community has learned to be untrue. Link to email

10.In the same public e-forum, he has name-called his competitor DCA’s Principal “good jewelry makes little noise” to imply that women in work force obtain their achievements by wearing jewelry and not hard work. Link to email

Based on the above 10 counts Nii’s actions have proved that he has many vested interests and as such, cannot be considered as an impartial advisor to the AU.   He has been involved in too many conflict of interest situations and his continuing involvement is anathema and should no longer be tolerated.

Exposé No. III:

DCA finds the real Nii Quaynor Intolerable because:


“If left unchecked, Nii Quaynor’s recidivist behavior and shameless antics would:

1) Prove to be a great embarrassment to the AU as his game plan becomes widely revealed for one and all to see.

2) Also embarrass AfTLD as a potential beneficiary of a corrupt scheme, as to make AfTLD lose theatrically at the level of ICANN.

3) Cause Nii Quaynor to lose personal reputation and goodwill everywhere even as he exposes himself to criminal investigation and risk huge pecuniary liabilities that would bankrupt him both morally and financially.”


Nii Quaynor’s continuing involvement in these matters complicates and corrupts the entire process because Nii as a member of the AU Task Force affords his cabal the opportunity to create an uneven playing field to illegally award the DotAfrica registry mandate to the AfTLD.

Dr. Quaynor is associated with a competing bid to DCA and is therefore has a conflict of interest which would render any advice that he provides as compromised. He is closely associated with other participants on the committee.

Exposé No. IV (Exposing Himself to Potential Criminal Liability)


The truth is that all these efforts will lead nowhere since, apart from the preponderant evidence of an adult behaving childishly and recklessly hoping to be rewarded with filthy lucre, it is patent that these deceitful pranks could expose Dr. Nii Quaynor to potential personal criminal liability:


a) Nii Quaynor is a member of the AU Task Force on DotAfrica

b) Nii Quaynor is affiliated officially to AfTLD

c) Nii Quaynor is now an ‘insider’ that is using the AU Task Force as a platform to assist the AfTLD with an illegal AU-endorsement to enable it bid on DotAfrica from ICANN.

d) It is open knowledge that DCA is the first and only organization to transparently win an AU endorsement on DotAfrica more than one year ago.

e) It is also generally known that Nii Quaynor led a hatchet job to sabotage the DCA using the same AU Task Force pedestal based on a bogus letter of unknown provenance, simply to open the way for an endorsement to be given unfairly to the competitors of DCA that Nii Quaynor seems to be fronting for, which at this time is AfTLD.

f) Nii Quaynor is openly ‘fronting’ a Ghanaian agenda whilst preaching that he is serving a Pan-Africa interest.

g) It is already clear to every interested watcher that Nii Quaynor has been trying relentlessly to destroy the chances of DCA in order to foist his own selfish agenda on the African Union by introducing the AfTLD through the backdoor at the eleventh hour.

h) Nii Quaynor had attempted to carefully ‘engineer’ an illegal ‘mandate’ for AfTLD, but when it became clear that there is no mandate to be won at the AU level, his goal and that of the cabal he represents has now shifted to that of seeking an illegitimate AU-endorsement for AfTLD. Which leads one to ask the pertinent question: on what basis would the AU endorse the DCA more than one year ago, and for Nii Quaynor to now try to assist the AfTLD to win another endorsement from the AU? Where is the legality in all this?

i) If insider trading is criminal, why should insider dealings not also be adjudged similarly?

Finally, The DCA Organization is clearly the victim here, and having expressed our grievance, to the respective authorities, DCA has requested for the unequivocal removal of Dr. Nii Quaynor from the AU Task Force, and constitute an independent committee to investigate these matters, so that those who have created these difficulties for the AU and DCA would be brought to book and severely reprimanded and officially sanctioned.

The DCA believes that this nonsense has now become absolutely insufferable, and is of the view that Nii Quaynor cannot be both a member of the AU Task Force on DotAfrica, and also be a member/adviser of AfTLD; and at the same time be trusted or allowed to use AU Task Force pedestal to grant AfTLD an illegal endorsement to bid on DotAfrica.

This is blatant corruption that should be widely condemned by all well-meaning Africans. If we have to build a Renascent Africa, then double-dealing influence peddlers like this should be exposed.

Nii, As Vice Chair of AU DotAfrica Taskforce

Makes up The Rules as He goes along…

Setup the Rule and appoint the Judges…

Staging A Travesty on .africa!

Before Africa does
let it do

Excerpt from Key Note Address:

DCA Executive Director at AITEC ICT Summit

French Press


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